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It could be that you need to have your PC Checked out professionally because your PC has suddenly started to slow down but you have removed all the unimportant data from it. It could be that your computer has been bugged and the bug is draining a lot of the power from your device.

At Private Detectives Nottingham we provide you with PC forensic services that are carried out by our professional can present you with the solution to your trouble. If our forensic experts find anything on your PC such as a bug or if there is a virus, malware they will remove it, however, if there is a completely innocent repair that needs to be carried out, our highly professional and skilled private investigators can forensically test your PC to see what the problem is.

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In the corporate world, many entrepreneurs are losing billions of money due to leakage of virgin business concepts and ideas. Actually, entrepreneurs are striving hard to come up with techniques to make it big in the market, owing to the tough competition. However, malicious employees who decide to steal the company's ideas for individual selfish gains usually shatter these efforts. For instance, an employee may decide to steal the company's ideas and sell them to the rival companies, hence costing the mother company huge monetary losses. Ideally, companies usually spend a lot of money to come up with new ideas that might propel them to success. This kind of act is a crime, and it can attract heavy punishment more so, due to breach of the contract. For instance, a company believes or rather suspects that one of their staff is stealing their virgin business ideas. Naturally, any top-level management must be worried over such act, and promptly look for possible solution on the verge to save the company. In this case, Private Detectives Nottingham will come up with utmost prevention, as well as corrective measure when approached by the company. Actually, the detective agency Nottingham have many techniques that can be used to investigate whether the suspected crime is happening. In this case, the private investigators in Nottingham will install software on the company computers to monitor the activities of the user for any theft of business concepts from the company.

PC Forensics in Nottingham

The detectives have a computer forensic package, which has an excellent manner to check how the workers in the organization are using the PC. For instance, the files they are accessing, all the websites they will be visiting as well as any information they will be hiding. This process is covert and is the best option because the employee could be doing something fishy on the company's PC. Forensics programs also provide other kinds of applications, including the recovery of deleted files, as well as uncover hard-core malware, and troubleshoot all manner of PC problems. Actually, this will act as a private eye for the company. One will be required to install the program and run it without the knowledge of all the workers in the organization if a crime is to be detected.

This will provide the best opportunity for the top-level management to tell whether anyone has been stealing information from the main company's PC. Thereafter after a successful PC forensics, the program installed on the computer will list every file visited, transferred, or copied. More so, it will also reveal all the unauthorized USB flash drives connected to the PC hence determine whether ideas were stolen. At the conclusion of these investigations, Nottingham detectives presented all the evidence, which revealed that one of the staff was actually involved in the dubious behaviour. It followed unconditionally that the company demotes the worker and eventually reported to the police for further punishment

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