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Loosing data from your mobile is frustrating and if it is a work phone it can be inconvenient and dangerous. Today our mobile phone is like a second skin and for many people they would struggle to work without theirs.

At Private Detectives Nottingham we can off you with assistance and get over your difficulties by forensically testing your phone. All of our specialist private investigators can give your mobile phone a forensic examination to find out if it has been tampered with. We can check for spyware, bugs and viruses that, if found, can be dissuaded and removed

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Nottingham Phone Forensics

In our day-to-day life we normally lose our cell phones due to some circumstances, for example, someone could steal it, or we could misplace it or even throw it away unintentionally. These are difficult situations and it can be stressing especially if you lose an expensive mobile phone. In addition, one might lose information from the phone, for instance essential videos, photos, contact numbers, text or SMS messages, among other data due to hacking. Because of this, one might embark on mobile phone forensics. Ideally, phone forensics simply refers to the science of retrieving data from a cell phone under forensically sound situations. Actually, this entails complete retrieval as well as examination of the data contained on the SIM card, and memory card, and the cell phone body itself. In some cases, the bugger could be a bit smart and install special software in the phone to track your information .

Phone Forensics in Nottingham

Malicious software or spyware is meant to hamper the normal operation of the phone system. For instance, someone could install spyware in your phone so that he may tap some information from the phone amongst other things. In reality, spyware designs are made in such a manner that they can be tedious to remove. Furthermore, other types of spyware can make a phone or even PC crash or slowdown in terms of operation. In this context, a client of Private Detectives Nottingham went to college to attend his lectures, but the unthinkable and expected took place. Unfortunately, an unknown person in the college, who triggered the client to inform the required authority, bugged the phone. In this case, the Private Detectives Nottingham were informed on time. The detective agency has been integrated with a special phone forensic department, which is solely meant to help clients who are marred with such problems. At the agency, the client will schedule a meeting or an interview with the private investigators in Nottingham. The private detectives have high tech programs, which they use to track the phone, more so this activity will be easier, if the bugged phone had an already installed tracking system. The culprit bugged the phone and simultaneously it was difficult to locate on the phone. Nonetheless, the Nottingham detectives had everything in control such as the necessary tracking system. With all these skills and tools at hand, the private investigators made it possible, and they managed to locate the phone. The phone forensics department at the detective agency in Nottingham UK, also had top-notch systems which they used to uninstall the spyware.

Once the examination by the private investigators was conducted, the private investigation business offered the client with real findings, while some reports are extensive depending on the nature of the operating system. The agency phone forensics extracted every data from the phone onto the computer for special examination. Thereafter the system automatically searches for any malware, as well as try to locate its origin. It follows unconditionally that the malware was destroyed and eventually the client had his phone back. Thanks to the impeccable services by the Nottingham private detective.

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